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Government & Politics


Subject Coordinator    Mr. R. Uprichard



Government and Politics is one of only a few subjects offered exclusively to sixth form students at Lurgan College.  The subject offers an exciting opportunity for pupils who wish to question the world in which we live and seek to understand just how power is really exercised by those in authority.  The

The CCEA Politics course involves four units, two at AS and two at A2.  There is no coursework, simply one exam for each unit. 

Unit 1 – The Government and Politics of Northern Ireland

In this unit we look at the operation of the devolved Assembly and Executive based in Stormont.  We also examine the five main political parties in Northern Ireland in order to understand who they are and what they want!


Unit 2 – The British Political Process

In this unit we stride the corridors of power within Westminster to see how the laws of Britain are made.  We also peek behind the door of No. 10 to find out who really calls the shots.  We also learn about the UK’s court system and question the ability of Judges to protect us from tyranny.  This unit also examines the differences behind the UK’s main political parties as well as the increasing influence of the European Union.



Those pupils who successfully reach A2 level have the opportunity to investigate the colourful world of American politics and get to grips with the so-called “conspiracy theories” relating to Political Power. 

Government and Politics is a subject which can contribute to every university course.  Universities often recognise that Politics students have good essay-writing skills.  The subject is most directly related to degrees in Humanities such as Law, Politics, History, Sociology, etc.