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Lurgan College

Ethos of the School

Lurgan College is a selective, co-educational, non-denominational Senior High School (Selective Grammar), which caters for pupils aged 14-19 and which offers a predominantly academic education up to GCE Advanced Level in a wide range of subjects. The school is under the control of the Education Authority.

The College provides a welcoming, attractive and stimulating environment which encourages all its pupils to strive for high academic standards and other non-academic achievements. This environment is supported by the school’s well-judged and positive approaches to behaviour management. The school has a caring ethos, friendly pupils and a dedicated staff of 28 full-time teachers and 2 part-time teachers, working to ensure that all our young people achieve the highest standards. The school prizes academic excellence for all, whilst supporting the development of the whole person.


  • The school has high expectations for all our pupils, including the pursuit of excellence in school work, extra-curricular activities, behaviour and respect for others;
  • The school prepares pupils for university throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, and for the world of work;
  • Approximately 90% of Year 14 pupils progress to Third Level Education;
  • The school places a strong emphasis on the importance of pastoral care; an extensive support network exists in order to care for each individual pupil;
  • Academic provision is supported by an extremely varied extra-curricular programme to challenge pupils and to make a positive contribution to their career prospects;
  • Our pupils use the best and most up-to-date equipment, including modern ICT facilities.


Aims of the College

  1. To maintain, develop and intensify the growth of the intellectual, spiritual, moral and aesthetic aspects of personality in all pupils;
  2. To foster an interest in a wide range of extra-curricular activities including games and physical recreation and to encourage healthy competition in all activities, academic, cultural and physical;
  3. To stimulate and develop attitudes and qualities of integrity, initiative, consideration, courtesy, self-confidence, independence and self-reliance in all pupils.


In short, the College aims to prepare pupils to live an active balanced life and to enable them to advance into mature adulthood, conscious of Christian values and their responsibilities to God, their families and the local and global community.


The School motto Meliora Sequor, which means ‘to follow better things’, permeates every aspect of school life. Lurgan College is a school which constantly strives for improvement through regular monitoring, review and self-evaluation.


The Lurgan College Goal / Mission Statement

“Academic Excellence in a Caring and Supportive Environment”