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Lurgan College

Art & Design


Subject Coordinator    Mr. J. Barbour 



GCSE Art and Design follow the CCEA specification. This gives opportunities to actively engage in the creative process of art, craft and design to develop as an effective and independent learner. Pupils will explore many art, craft and design skills and processes throughout the two components of this course. 

They will develop core knowledge, understanding and skills through their own exploratory work and the research of others’ work. There will be a focus on drawing as it is fundamental to the creative process in all art, craft and design disciplines.

There are two components: Component 1 (60%) and Component 2 (40%). 

Component 1 consists of Part A and Part B. Part A is the Exploratory Portfolio where pupils will have the opportunity to explore various media and techniques and study how artists, craftspeople or designers, contemporary and historical and from a range of periods, societies and cultures approach their work. Part B allows pupils to investigate the Creative and Cultural Industries, through visiting galleries and if possible practising artists, and create a portfolio of work based on their visits

Component 2 is the Externally Set Assignment, which is issued in January of Year 12, and this allows pupils to complete research and practical work leading to a final outcome, produced under examination conditions.


Component 1 Core knowledge and understanding Controlled Assessment  25%

Part A:

Exploratory Portfolio

(no final outcome required) 

Students demonstrate knowledge and understanding of formal visual elements through practical skills. They explore media, techniques and processes in at least two disciplines.    50 marks

Part B:

Investigating the Creative and Cultural Industries

(students complete one practical task)

Students become increasingly skilled at developing ideas, applying understanding of relevant practices, refining their ideas, recording as they go and using visual language critically.

70 marks

Internally assessed and externally moderated


Component 2:

Externally Set Assignment 

A stimulus paper is released in early January of the examination year(i.e. year of completion).Students complete a minimum of 20 hours of preparatory work in response to the theme.




A Level Art is designed to: continue to build on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in GCSE Art and Design and at Key Stage 3; and provide a sound basis for progression to higher education courses in Art and Design or study related to other areas. The CCEA A Level course is made up of the followings modules:

AS1 Experimental portfolio

Theme based: students will have the opportunity to develop, explore and record ideas.

AS2 Personal Outcome

Theme based: students will have the opportunity to produce a final outcome/outcomes.

A21 Personal and Critical Investigation

Theme based: students have the opportunity to produce both a written (2000-word) investigation and a practical response.

A22 Thematic Outcome

Theme based: students will have an opportunity to produce a final outcome/outcomes.




AS 1

Teacher assessment of work with external moderation


50% of AS

20% of A level

AS 2

Teacher assessment of controlled task with external moderation


50% of AS

20% of A level

A2 1

Written investigation (2000 words) externally assessed

Teacher assessment of practical element with external moderation


20% of A2

12% 0f A level

40% of A2

24% of A level

A2 2

Teacher assessment with external moderation


40% of A2

24% of A level