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Lurgan College

School Uniform


  • Grey skirt with four inverted pleats, two at the front and two at the back.  The skirt must completely cover the knee.
  • Plain white blouse (long or short sleeves)
  • House Tie
  • Navy blazer with school badge and red braid
  • Plain dark navy V neck pullover
  • White knee socks or plain dark navy/black tights
  • Plain black leather low-heeled shoes (slip-on type or laced, permitted heel height 5 cm measured on the outside of the heel).
  • Narrow heels, buckles, coloured laces/stitching, labels and side lacing are not acceptable.

Optional Items

  • Coat/anorak/duffle coat – plain dark navy, dark grey or black (untrimmed)
  • School scarf (no other type is permitted)


  • Navy blazer with school badge and red braid
  • Plain white shirt (long or short sleeves)
  • Dark plain socks
  • House tie
  • Plain black leather shoes (e.g. slip on type or black laced)
  • Coloured laces/stitching, labels and side lacing are not acceptable
  • Traditional style ankle length dark grey trousers
  • Plain dark navy V neck pullover






 Optional Items

  • Plain navy anorak (untrimmed)
  • Plain navy raincoat
  • Dark navy or dark grey dufflecoat or overcoat (other colours and bomber jackets are not acceptable)
  • School Scarf (no other type is permitted


PE and Games Kit

Available for purchase via the Kukri On-line Shop. The following kit must be worn during curriculum PE & Games.


PE and Games

  • Navy / Red Lurgan College Girls PE Shirt
  • Navy and Red Lurgan College PE Skort
  • Lurgan College Games Socks
  • Trainers



  • Red / Navy Lurgan College Boys PE T-Shirt
  • White Lurgan College PE Short
  • White socks
  • Trainers


  • Red / Navy hooped Lurgan College Games Shirt
  • Navy Lurgan College Games Shorts
  • Lurgan College Games Socks
  • Rugby/Football Boots


The following items are optional; However, the school tracksuit in particular, is recommended especially for those who are members of school teams or those studying GCSE and A level PE.

 School Tracksuit

Any combination of the following tops and bottoms:


  • Navy Tracksuit Bottoms (Stadium pant OR Tapered fit)
  • Navy / Red Hooded Jumper


  • Red / Navy Tracksuit Top (Available in Full Zip and ¼ Zip Options)


  • Leggings
  • Thermal Base Layer
  • Hockey Training T-Shirt
  • Rugby Training T-Shirt
  • Waterproof ’Spray’ Jacket
  • Beanie





Required if on a School team

  • Hockey Stick
  • Shinguards
  • Mouthguard
  • Athletic Spikes