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Lurgan College

Our Pastoral Care Team

At Lurgan College we aim to provide a caring, supportive and safe environment in which all our pupils are valued as individuals.  We strongly believe that all teachers have a role to play in Pastoral Care.

Mrs S Hanna

Vice-Principal (Pastoral)

Designated Teacher

Ms E Hughes

Senior Teacher

Learning Support Coordinator (SENCO)

Mrs J O'Neill

Associate Senior Teacher

Assistant Learning Support Coordinator (SENCO)

Mrs K Finnegan

Pupil Support Coordinator 

Mr G Caldwell

Deputy Designated Teacher

 Pastoral Staff 2023-24

Class Teacher Head of Year
11 JM2 Dr McCallister

Ms  Hughes

11 DP Mr Patterson
11 SJ  Mrs Jones
11 CH  Mrs Hinds
12 JO  Mrs O'Neill

Mr Caldwell

12 LE Ms Emerson
 12 AB Mrs Buttery
12 ALB Ms Brackenridge
13 JBA Mrs Barbour

Mrs Abraham

13 WB Mr Buttery
13 SC Mrs Campuzano 
13 JF Mr Finlay
14 MW/RB Ms Wan / Mrs Briggs

Mrs McTernaghan

14 JJ Mrs Jenks
14 BF Mr Faith
14 PW Mr Weir