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Lurgan College

Mission Africa Kenya Trip 

In the heart of Kenya, a team of 24 students aged 16 to 18 from Lurgan College along with five leaders embarked on a life-changing journey, a mission trip filled with compassion, service, and a shared purpose. Our destination was primarily Comet School in the outskirts of Nairobi, where we devoted our time and energy to make a difference in the lives of those we encountered.


For five days, we ran a Holiday Bible Club at Comet School, sharing stories of faith and love. The children's smiles and enthusiasm warmed our hearts, igniting a sense of purpose. We led the children in songs, quizzes,  a memory verse, Bible stories, crafts and games. The theme for the week was “By Faith” and we looked at the characters of Noah, Abraham, Moses and Joshua. All 24 students took part. The opportunities for students to use and develop their leadership skills were many, and our pupils rose to the challenge. This was mission in action.


With paintbrushes in hand, we transformed the school, painting three classrooms, the lower part of the school's exterior, and the stairwell. We also revitalised chairs and tables, bringing colour and life to the learning environment.


Compassion extended beyond the school walls. We decanted six sacks of beans and porridge powder into small bags, ensuring that the children of Comet School could take home essential sustenance to support their families.


In the afternoons, we visited a Home for the Elderly in Thogoto, spreading joy through songs and heartfelt conversations. Our presence brought warmth and comfort to those who often feel forgotten.


During our time, a number of our students stepped forward with inspiring messages of faith and personal testimony. The worship in the church services we attended and in the Youth Fellowship we led was exuberant, filling the venues with a sense of unity and spiritual connection.


Sundays especially were days of spiritual growth. We experienced the vibrant, energetic worship style of Grace Point Church, followed by a deep sermon. The following Sunday, we attended the more formal Church of the Torch.


Adventure was a part of the journey. We embarked on a boat safari, where we marvelled at the majestic hippos in Lake Nakuru, capturing the beauty of Kenya's wildlife.


On a thrilling safari, we ventured close to lions, giraffes, buffalo, and baboons to name a few. The awe-inspiring encounters left an indelible mark on our memories.


As teachers we were so proud of all of our students. Every single one rose to the challenge, showcasing their individual skills and abilities. Like a cohesive body with many parts, we functioned as a unit, making a significant impact.


Our mission was clear: to spread the Gospel through words and actions to everyone we met. God's purpose was evident in every interaction.


This mission trip surpassed all expectations, becoming a life-changing experience. The students will carry these memories in their hearts forever.


A heartfelt thank you goes to the Mission Africa staff who made this journey possible. The full extent of the positive changes in the lives of those we met in Kenya may remain unknown, but the impact was undoubtedly significant not just for the people we encountered in Kenya but for our school’s students as well. 


In the heart of Kenya, this mission trip touched lives, creating ripples of change that will endure for generations to come.



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