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Lurgan College

Delight at excellent A2/AS Level results’

It was with a mix of nervousness and excitement that the Lurgan College Class of 2023 awaited their A level results on Thursday morning. Given the many challenges which this year group have had to face throughout their time at school due to the Covid-19 pandemic; the change from Centre Determined Grades to Centre Assessed Grades to this year sitting external examinations alone for the first time since 2019, such tension was completely understandable. Our pupils, however, need not have worried as they achieved an excellent set of results which, once again, featured some of the very best performances by College pupils in the school’s long and illustrious 150-year history.


In congratulating the pupils, Mr Kyle McCallan, Headmaster, said ‘I am so proud of each and every one of our pupils. These results are not only testament to their unwavering dedication and commitment to their studies, but also their resilience in dealing with such a challenging educational landscape over the last number of years. Despite such challenges, the only thing these pupils failed to do was to disappoint, as they achieved an outstanding 100% pass rate for a second successive year.  With 92% of all grades at A*-C our pupils have, once again, done themselves, their families, their school and their community proud’.


Many pupils achieved outstanding personal success with Stacie Allen (Waringstown PS), Leon Van Der Westhuizen (Moira PS), Joel Cordner and Zara Crooks (both Kings Park PS) all achieving 3 straight A* Grades.

10 further pupils in total recorded 3 straight grade A*/As in their subjects:

Hollie Barbour (Waringstown PS), Sarah Cowan (King’s Park PS), Ruth Douglas (Donacloney PS), Lucy Lyttle (Waringstown PS), Lily-May Hall (Waringstown PS), Hannah McCambley (Carrick PS), Wynonah McConnell (Portadown Independent Christian PS), Abbie McGrath (King’s Park PS), Sam Stevenson (Donacloney PS) and John Brown (King’s Park PS).

An additional 13 students achieved at least 2A*/A grades:

Jessica Beck (Waringstown PS), Emma Brown (Waringstown PS), Marcus Bryan (Moira PS), Lewis Chambers (King’s Park PS), Sophie Gordon (King’s Park PS), Simon Kinnen (Donacloney PS), Anna Lawther (Dickson PS), Deimile Levokaite (Wicklow Educate Together National School), Kameron McLean (King’s Park PS), Kerry McNeill-Girvan (Dickson PS), Thompson Owen (Millington PS), Andrew Richardson (Carntall PS) and Lauren Young (King’s Park PS).



Whilst these results and individual achievements are, of course, most encouraging for us as a school, it is important to remember that A levels are a stepping stone on the chosen path of each individual pupil and the most pleasing aspect for us all at the College is that the vast majority of our leavers are now preparing to head off and take their well-earned places in their chosen universities locally and across the rest of the UK, as well as moving into Higher level apprenticeships and the world of work.

None of this would be possible but for the vital role played by our own teaching staff who continue to go above and beyond, displaying the highest levels of care and professionalism, providing for our pupils the very best educational environment where they can thrive. I also express my very sincere appreciation for the wonderful contribution made by our pupils’ very supportive parents who continue to work closely with the school in order to ensure such commendable examination success on the part of their sons and daughters’. Finally, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the sterling work done by the pupils’ Primary Schools during the early part of their education and to also pay tribute, once again, to the dedication of the teaching staff of Lurgan Junior High School, in particular, who expertly develop the pupils’ academic, social and moral skills in Years 8-10.


On behalf of the entire College community, I wish to thank our departing Year 14 for the invaluable contribution that they have made to the College throughout their time with us and I wish them every success as they embark now upon the next exciting chapter in their lives.



The results achieved by the Year 13 pupils of Lurgan College at AS Level were also extremely pleasing with many excellent collective and individual performances.  With almost two thirds of the 378 entries graded at A-B, this has been yet another very successful year for our pupils.


The College’s top performers at AS Level this year with 4 straight A’s in their subjects were Aaron Geddis (Waringstown PS), Lucy Latimer (King’s Park PS), Jack Marks (King’s Park PS), Jonathan Mullin (Dickson PS), Zoe Rodgers (Waringstown PS) and Maia Welsh (Waringstown PS).

The students with 3 A grades were Rebekah Adair (Waringstown PS), Katie Boyce (Waringstown PS), Daniel Dillon (King’s Park PS), Eva Kennedy (Carrick PS), Anna King (Waringstown PS), Sam McCullough (King’s Park PS), Kiera Morris (Waringstown PS), Jodie Savage (Waringstown PS) and Chloe Woods (Waringstown PS).


The following pupils achieved 2 grade As: Joel Adamson (Seagoe PS), George Anderson (Maghaberry PS), Alexander Baird (King’s Park PS), Bethany Blair (Ballydown PS), Emma Boyce (Waringstown PS), Ryan Brown (King’s Park PS), Catherine Cowan (King’s Park PS), Zara Donaldson (King’s Park PS), Amy Greenfield (Waringstown PS), Eliana Hynes (King’s Park PS), Max Lockhart (Maralin PS), Andresa Lopes (Escola Primaria de Cabanoes), Beth Magee (Maralin PS), Lucy Maxwell (Waringstown PS), Iona McIldoon (Hart Memorial PS), Irina Mineva (Dickson PS), Maddie Stone (King’s Park PS), Lucy Teggart (Moira PS), Luke Teggart (Moira PS), Bea Topping-Vennard (Millingtown PS), Toby Uprichard (King’s Park) and Katie Wilson (King’s Park PS).



‘Our Year 13 pupils should be extremely proud of their efforts and achievements this year. My warmest congratulations to them, their parents and their teachers on their encouraging AS performances which undoubtedly will provide the platform for future success at A2 level next year.’


WK McCallan